Lebanon, To Be Declared A Failed State?

Lebanon, a tragedy unfolding upon the world, a country so microscopic in size that the state of New York is 12 times bigger than the country itself, and even with this staggering fact, it manages to always find a way to capture the spotlight of the world whether be it headlines in newspapers or even major television broadcasting outlets.

Lebanon has been quite the double-edged sword from its picturesque mountains and beaches offering more than you can imagine, it appears in the headlines for all the numerous wrong reasons. Among those reasons one would find difficulty as to where to start as they are innumerable.

Here are a few of the mishaps: a raging coronavirus sweeping through the country, uncontained to say the least, accompanied by low levels of maintaining the virus by way of fighting off this virus literally without a government actually governing the country, but by actually leaving it to a caretaker government to handle one of the deadliest virus to ever appear in our modern age. This coronavirus coupled with several lockdowns led Lebanon to suffer with a surging 40% unemployment rate as people were unable to open their stores due to the aforementioned lockdown all over the country, sending another staggering blow to the Lebanese people.

And to add to that pile of innumerable mishaps, on August 4th the unimaginable happened. Lebanon suffered the third largest non-nuclear explosion in the history of mankind located in the port which harbors the country’s capital, which left the capital Beirut handicapped to say the very least, leaving $15 billion dollars in damages and 300,0000 homeless people.Bordering countries have reported to have felt the blast, countries like Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, even parts of Europe were left mesmerized. And here are the Lebanese people who are sitting awaiting an answer 9 months later as to who shall be found guilty of such a devastating blast that left hundreds dead and countless people without a home.

To add to the list of misfortunes, in an ideal country, you would kiss your kids “goodnight” before bedtime, but in Lebanon, we anxiously await the dreads of the upcoming days as food prices have soared as high as a whopping 400%. Along with this, there’s also a triple-digit inflation rate of 292% calculated by renowned professor Steven Hanke at the Johns Hopkins University, putting itself in the likes of countries such as Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Sudan.

For all these reasons, the President of France Emmanuel Macron has visited Lebanon on numerous occasions in order to try and reshape the economy and uplift the spirits of Lebanese. To add to the damage, high ranking French officials banned the entry of several Lebanese officials due to the deterioration of the Lebanese economy.

To add to these worries, the people of Lebanon took to the streets, starting a revolution where they took to the street, blocking off the main highways in protest to the devastating economic situation that left the Lebanese people out of breath.

Being in this severe economic depression, Lebanese citizens found themselves with the harsh reality that more than 50% of Lebanon’s population are living below the poverty line.

In conclusion, the Lebanese are yearning for their voices to be heard, they are sailing to a bitter end to the days where Lebanon was once called the Switzerland of the middle east. The Lebanese economy has been wrecked to possibly a point of no return. I write this piece in order to shed light on the harsh conditions the Lebanese people have been agonizing through.



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Charles Hachem

Charles Hachem

A freelance journalist,majoring in Psychology. Interests are Biology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy. Focused my work on Volunteering.